Friday, 16 September 2016

Smith's Eco-Powerad Is The Small Smart Choice

The Eco-Powerad from Smith’s Environmental Products looks like a radiator, installs like a radiator, is priced like a radiator and uses the same pipework and boiler as a radiator but it is in fact a fan convector with a much greater heat output than a radiator of the equivalent size. It’s the perfect solution for any installer looking to provide high levels of heat in a room that would otherwise require two radiators or where low surface temperature heat emitters and low running costs are essential.

Providing warmth from the floor upwards, which is the ideal heating pattern, the Eco-Powerad fan convector is up to 31% more efficient than an equivalent output radiator and will operate effectively on wet central heating systems whether driven by boilers or low temperature renewable technologies such as heat pumps. Fan convector technology allows the central heating system to operate at temperatures as low as 35°C, enabling heat pumps to run at their higher efficiencies and to generate SAP improvements of 7.5% over traditional radiators.

Smith’s Sales & Marketing Director, Jim Bennett said, "As far as an installer is concerned, the Eco-Powerad installs just like a radiator using the same pipe work and valves but is less than half the weight and takes up a much smaller footprint making it easier to handle in both existing and new developments. It’s more attractive than an ordinary panel radiator and very easy to use. We are seeing Eco-Powerad installations in a range of applications, both domestic and light commercial, and we will be investing in the product in the next twelve months to improve its offering further."

Fan convectors require connection to a wet central heating system and an electrical connection to run the fan. Hot water from the central heating system passes through the heat exchanger transferring its heat to the aluminium fins. Cooler air is drawn in by the fan and heated as it passes over the heat exchanger before being expelled gently back into the room. This gives a more even temperature and will heat a room in much less time than a traditional panel radiator.

For the end user, the Eco-Powerad fan convector is very simple to operate. It will switch on and off automatically with the central heating system. With the addition of thermostatic radiator valves, the Eco-Powerad provides efficient room temperature control. Each model includes a low temperature cut-out thermostat (LTC), which prevents the product operating until the water temperature reaches a pre-set temperature, which is usually 35ÂșC.

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