Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Smith’s Brings Warmth And Community Spirit To One Of Wales’s Oldest Churches!

Smith’s Environmental Products has supplied ten Caspian Low 120/12 fan convectors to heat up St Chad’s Church in Hanmer, one of the oldest churches in Wales. The Caspian product was recommended because of its dual ability to provide almost instantaneous heat to large spaces and deliver good heat where warmth is required quickly and often intermittently. St Chad’s originates from 1486 and the entire heating system has been upgrade to protect its heritage and regular use of the historic building. The second phase of the project will see new kitchen and toilets, as well as the roof recovering provided, for which more local and other funding sources are required. The fan convectors have been poly-coated to complement the sandstone pillars in order to integrate them into the background setting of the main function of the church.

Stuart Tole, a warden at St Chad’s, Hanmer, said, "The system is up and running and it’s working incredibly well. The installer commissioning the system got the temperature in the church up to 25°C. Our church is large and the previous system, dating back to 1959, struggled to maintain any kind of heat because it was all radiators. The great thing about Smith’s fan convectors is that they get up to temperature very quickly and then switch off. The church is old and is far from air tight and so once the temperature drops, Smith’s fan convectors switch back on and bring the place back up to the correct temperature. Everyone has commented about how lovely and warm the church is now and this is going to really help with keeping our church at the heart of this community."

Learn more about the Smith's Caspian Low on our website: http://smithsep.co.uk/products/caspian-low/

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Caspian Universal From Smith’s – One Product, Many Applications

Smith’s Environmental Products has introduced the latest in a line of continued product developments – the Caspian Universal; offering increased versatility and flexibility, as well as convenience to the installer and the end user. The Caspian Universal provides one solution for a variety of applications; one model is suitable for high, low or ceiling mounted installation. This makes specification and installation far easier and simpler as well as offering very definite maintenance benefits to users since the Caspian Universal is just that, universal – one product, installed and maintained in exactly the same way, no matter which model has been specified and where installed.

Incorporating the latest EC motor technology which can result in running cost savings as high as 80% and with variable speed control as standard the Caspian Universal delivers heat quickly, efficiently and effectively.

The Caspian Universal, in line with all Smith’s fan convector is compatible with all types of wet central heating systems and functions equally efficiently, whether connected to a conventional boiler or renewable technology, such as biomass boilers or ground or air source heat pumps.

The Caspian Universal, manufactured in the UK is available with a choice or either on-board or remote controls plus a number of accessories such as plinths and flexible installation hoses. Available within 5 working days in standard white it can be supplied in a variety of colour options to order, and as with all Smith’s products, is supplied with a free five-year parts and labour warranty.

Smith’s Sales and Marketing Director, Jim Bennett commented, "The Caspian Universal could be interpreted as the ultimate appliance because of the variety of application possibilities; it offers a huge variety and range of heating solutions to installers and specifiers alike. Our vision was to create a simple solution to a number of heat provision challenges in terms of site of installation; we have achieved this with the Caspian Universal. The development of this product and technology has enabled us to increase our range of heating solutions with a smaller product range than those of our competitors – this has got to make life easier for everyone!" He continued, "The range of Caspian fan convectors is one of our rising stars. We have a very credible product offering, and regularly receive extremely favourable feedback from customers. We are very excited to complete the range by launching the Caspian Universal, which includes EC motor technology and increases the options for specifiers and installers who seek a simple, cost effective, comprehensive heating solution for large commercial spaces."

Since 1991, Smith’s has manufactured an extensive portfolio of domestic and light commercial products including: the Caspian commercial fan convector range, Space Saver plinth heaters and the Hydroflame flame-effect convector. All are supported by a five year parts and labour guarantee. Typical domestic applications range from new house build sectors, kitchen refurbishment, social housing and commercial applications to trade or retail outlets, schools and churches.

Smith’s has significant shares of both the North American and European markets as well as being the UK’s market leader. David Higham was appointed CEO in 2013 with the aim of sustaining Smith’s enviable reputation and further strengthening the Smith’s brand at home and abroad.

Learn more about Smith's Caspian on our website: http://smithsep.co.uk/products/commercial-uv-ff-ext/

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Smith’s Space Saver SS80 Narrower Fit!

Smith’s Environmental Products has launched a new version of its market-leading Space Saver plinth heater to fit 80mm plinth heights. The new slim-line SS80 kitchen heater from Smith’s is the only plinth heater available in Europe that fits IKEA-style 80mm plinth heights.

In the first of a number of innovations for the product, Smith’s has designed a new Space Saver hydronic plinth heater to fit much narrower plinths found in kitchen designs popular from Scandinavia and Germany. Like its taller counterparts, installing the Space Saver SS80 frees up wall space for extra wall surfaces and more storage or desirable kitchen appliances, instead of home owners having to make do with a panel radiator.

Jim Bennett, Smith’s Sales & Marketing Director, stated, "The Space Saver is a key appliance for the New Build and RSL markets, as well as for the mainstream consumer. It offers efficient, controllable warmth to kitchens where space is at a premium. Installers can use it to replace a radiator and because it will work off any wet central heating system, it’s a simple replacement that gives so much more to the end user."

The Smith’s Space Saver installs discreetly into the dead space under fitted units and is now supplied as standard with a stainless steel grille, as well as being available in alternative finishes. The Space Saver SS80 is suitable for heating rooms up to 24m3 and could also provide an alternative heat solution for bedrooms and office furniture that also have plinths. It uses an extremely low water content when compared with a radiator and so it will heat up much more quickly than both radiators and underfloor heating, as well as affording users more responsive controls.

The SS80 is now available nationally from all good merchants, online stockists and branches of Wickes. The Space Saver is regularly specified by local authorities, house builders, housing associations as well as installers for domestic dwellings, and light commercial installations for church kitchens, village halls and offices.

Learn more about Smith's Plinth Space Savers on our website: http://smithsep.co.uk/products/space-saver-plinth-heater/

Monday, 27 February 2017

Smith’s And Taco Italia Introduce High Efficiency Domestic Heating Circulator

Smith’s Environmental Products (SEP), the UK’s leading supplier of domestic and light commercial fan-assisted hydronic heat emitters is excited to announce their cooperation with Taco Italia srl, one of the leading global manufacturers of high efficiency circulating pumps. This development is a further demonstration of the Swan Group’s ambitions for the business, since its full acquisition of Smith’s earlier in 2016. The cooperation with Taco Italia allows Smith’s to broaden its portfolio of domestic heating solutions.

Smith’s Managing Director, Gary Haynes stated, “This strategic collaboration with Taco Italia, based in Sandrigo (VI) Italy builds upon the decades of commercial successes enjoyed by both Smith’s and Taco Italia respective parent companies, namely The Swan Group, Randolph MA, USA and Taco Comfort Solution North America, Cranston RI, USA.

Since our acquisition by the Swan Group, it has been our strategic intent to increase the Smith’s range of domestic and commercial heating solutions, providing greater choice for our customers and clients across the UK”.

Taco Italia has been designing and manufacturing high efficiency domestic heat circulator for the European OEM market since 2000.

To learn more about Smith's products, please visit our website: http://smithsep.co.uk/

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Lucky seven for St Nicholas’ Church from Smith’s Caspian UV fan convectors!

As part of its long awaited refurbishment, seven of Smith’s Caspian UV fan convectors have transformed the heating system of St Nicholas’ Church in Blundellsands, Merseyside.

The contractor, Colin Wakefield from Wakefield and Wilson, selected Smith’s Caspians because a modern, flexible heating solution was needed to suit the requirements of the church. He specified four units for the large hall, two for the small hall and one to be installed in the reception area. The new heating system enabled each room to be heated separately. The temperature of each Caspian can be adjusted to suit the varying heat output requirements so that during the colder months, the temperature can be increased on each unit to ensure that the whole space is heated effectively. This provides the church with a much more efficient and cost-effective solution.

The church was founded on 25 September 1874 and is part of the Diocese of Liverpool. It plays host to a wide range of services for people of all ages, so ensuring that the building is warm and comfortable when in use is very important. As well as the main church building, there are two halls and a council chamber which are also hired out for clubs and events. The original heating system consisted of one boiler, which meant that in order for one room to be heated, the rest of the building had to be heated too. The temperature of the rooms could not be individually controlled, so it worked under a ‘one temperature fits all’ basis and this is a problem that regularly occurs in commercial buildings.

Colin Wakefield said: “Having worked with Smith’s previously, I knew that the Caspian UV fan convectors would be the perfect solution for this church. The Caspians’ heat outputs, efficiency and low noise make them the ideal product for a church environment.”

Unlike a conventional panel radiator, the fan convector provides more even temperature spread and much faster warmth. The small fan means that the heat produced is distributed using forced, rather than natural, convection and consequently this makes it far more responsive to thermostatic controls. Smith’s Caspian range provides the perfect solution for commercial buildings. As with all Smith’s products, the Caspians come with a free five-year warranty for parts and labour.

For more information about the Smith's Caspian UV, please visit our website: http://smithsep.co.uk/products/commercial-uv-ff-ext/

Monday, 13 February 2017

Dobre Dan! #MINIBbySmith’s!

MINIB by Smith’s is now clearly signposted on our website http://smithsep.co.uk/products/minib-convectors/. We’ve been making in-roads in this sector for the past three months, and seeing invitations flying in for Smith’s to supply all kinds of commercial projects, from community buildings to stately homes, with trench heating.

The relationship with MINIB came about because Smith’s was looking for new ways to grow our business, seeking like-minded partners who share our values of high quality and excellent service. Czech market-leaders MINIB were already a known presence in the UK market and we approached them, visiting their factory in Prague, in the summer of 2016. It became clear, very quickly, that we were quite similar and our ambitions for growth resonated with them profoundly.

Part of my remit is to grow the Smith’s portfolio and extend the reach of the Smith’s brand. There will be occasions when this means we break from tradition and bring in products under the Smith’s brand but sourced elsewhere. With MINIB, their heritage, reputation and brand gave us a clear vision to position MINIB heating products as MINIB by combining our brand names to reach a new audience, while providing reassurance to our existing customers.

We’re thrilled at the reception the MINIB by Smith’s commercial offering has received. Our regional sales team, strengthened by some new faces seasoned in the contractor specifier market, is meeting an interested audience who are pleased to see a new competent offering available. Of particular interest to a small sector of our customer base are the decorative natural convectors MINIB by Smith’s is offering to UK customers. These convectors can be wrapped with any image, logo, photograph or scene that the client chooses and provides an exciting and aesthetic addition to any commercial heating project. We’ve seen them in-situ in high profile business offices in Prague, high on the wall, branded with company logos and providing heating for the reception area. This is an element of our commercial offering that is sparking interest and the whole-building heating solution we now offer, comprising fan convectors, trench heating and bespoke products wherever and whenever the project requires, is attracting a customer base we haven’t previously encountered.

There is a huge amount going on and it’s exhilarating to see how far we’ve come already. Next month we will be at ISH to meet with some of our European partners. Our sales team is charged with the MINIB by Smith’s offering and the Caspian commercial fan convector range; our technical team is working apace to develop new accessories, controls and bespoke fan convectors to meet the challenges the construction industry faces every day when it comes to designing heating. We are punching above our weight and the #MINIBbySmith’s is a great stepping stone to encourage our customers, new and old, to #ThinkSmiths!

Thursday, 26 January 2017

New Year, #ThinkSmiths

By Gary Haynes, Smith's MD

With New Year celebrations mostly forgotten, like most heating companies, here at Smith’s, we’re looking at the different opportunities for 2017 and planning accordingly. The sales team is expanding and the breadth of our product offering is developing at such a pace that our five-day product training week only managed to cover four new heating products; with more to come.

When I joined Smith’s in May 2016, I spent lots of time understanding the different types of heating solution Smith’s currently provided, and what our customers thought of us. One thing was abundantly clear: where we’re known, people think we’re fantastic. Our product quality is superb, and certainly raises a few eyebrows when it comes to our commercial Caspian range. We offer warranties that few can beat. Our delivery times are market-leading and the fact that we can deliver next day or within five working days on most of our range really does put us head and shoulders above the competition. Our attitude and customer service is refreshing, with our people genuinely going above and beyond the expected to make sure that our consultants, specifier contractors, installers and merchant customers get exactly and precisely what they need and in good time.

The challenge for me is to bring all of that to the people who really need to hear this: to demonstrate that we can deliver whole-heating solutions for new build or refurb projects, and develop a world-class set of fan convector and allied products that are flexible and robust enough to make us first choice for those we work with, and beyond. It means we’re living in exciting times as we push to develop and build even better-performing products and partner with other like-minded manufactures who share our values and aspire to the same innovative approach to heating projects as we do.

Take for example our recent partnership with MINIB. This business, started in the Czech Republic in 1999, is now internationally renowned for its trench heating and decorative convector heaters. Our partnership will enable us to make further inroads into the commercial sector and open other doors along the way. We just can’t rest on our laurels of being in this market for 25 years plus or of being part of a global family, The Swan Group; we have to continually innovate, continually move forward and make sure we’re bringing the right kind of heating products to market – and other associated products – to give our customers precisely what they want, adding value, being cost-effective, and above all making them think Smith’s.