Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Smith’s Hydroflame Heats Up Homes For Wandsworth Council

Smith’s Environmental Products is providing its Hydroflame® for homes in Wandsworth Council’s Edgecombe Hill portfolio of houses, as part of the council’s heating replacement project, replacing old back boilers and installing new boilers and heating systems for their tenants.

The project is managed by Dave Richardson at Wandsworth Council and the main contractors are Westminster Building Services Ltd. The Hydroflame® has been a favoured solution by the council because it neatly and easily replaces the old gas fire that used to front the back boiler and plumbs into the existing central heating system, without needing its own gas supply or flue, eliminating any potential risk of carbon monoxide poisoning entirely.

From a technical perspective, the Hydroflame® works by drawing in cool air and the heat is produced from the water within the central heating system itself. This means there are no flue gases produced and so no flue is required. It also means that the fan convector doesn’t require any special ventilation and can operate as part of the ‘whole house’ central heating or to provide an extra boost of heat on cold days. It also functions as a single heat source when the entire central heating doesn’t need to be switched on.

Smith’s Sales and Marketing Director, Jim Bennett, adds, "We continue to shout the benefits of the Hydroflame® with our public sector clients and the projects with Wandsworth Council demonstrate what a straight forward and easy to install product it really is. It’s already pre-wired and because it connects to the central heating system, it does not require its own independent gas supply. It can be used in any type of property and no minimum room size applies. The Hydroflame® can be installed anywhere, does not require a specific CO detector as no CO is produced, and it is cost-effective both in terms of initial outlay and also annual maintenance."

Like all Smith’s fan convectors, the Hydroflame® comes with its own free five-year parts and labour guarantee and Dave Richardson notes that Smith’s also provided his contractor with a set of spare parts so that if there are any minor technical hitches, they are easily resolved there and then. "There’s not a great deal to go wrong with them and the whole kit of spares Smith’s supplies means that if there are any issues, they can be alleviated very easily," he says.

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